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The Army Cadet Force is a national voluntary youth organisation.  It is sponsored by the Army and provides challenging military, adventurous and community activities.  Its aim is to inspire young people to achieve success in life with a spirit of service to the Queen, their country and their local community, and to develop in them the qualities of a good citizen.

This is achieved by:

  • Providing progressive cadet training, often of a challenging and exciting nature, to foster confidence, self-reliance, initiative, loyalty and a sense of service to other people
  • Enouraging the development of personal powers of practical leadership and the ability to work successfully as a member of a team
  • Stimulating an interest in the Army, its achievments, skills and values
  • Advising and preparing those considering a career in the Services or with the Reserve Forces

Surrey Army Cadet Force has detachments in 24 locations throughout the county. Most detachments are open on one or two evenings each week. After initial training in basic military skills, cadets can undertake a variety of activities - target shooting, living in the field, self-reliance, physical activity, first aid, map and compass work, climbing and abseiling and much more.


The Secretary
County Headquarters,
Surrey Army Cadet Force,
Queen's House,
Hallam Road,
Surrey GU7 3HW

Tel: 01483 523951

Fax: 01483 427799

Email: se-sur-cao@RFCA.ORG.UK

Website: https://armycadets.com/county/surrey-acf


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