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The Dance Movement is a registered charity that exists to help people connect through participation in dance; we passionately believe that when people come together to create, perform, watch and be involved in dance, their lives are enriched and changed for the better.

Our specialist dance programmes are designed and delivered with the key objective of inspiring and empowering people to improve their lives through artistic expression. We work with local authorities and stakeholders in the wellbeing of young people, to seek out those who do not ordinarily have opportunities to dance because we believe everyone, especially those who face extreme challenges in their lives, should have the opportunity to express themselves and grow as individuals.

We use dance as a tool to help people develop personal, social and physical skills so they might live fuller, happier lives with a greater chance of maximising their own potential.We specialise in developing programmes of work for under-represented and often vulnerable groups of young people because we want to ensure the movement of people who grow and find personal fulfillment through dance is diverse. We are a local charity with an ambition to reach out to a regional and national audience.

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