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The Business Case

Hidden Talent – The business case

There are many talented young people out there who could be a great asset to your organisation. They just happen to have a special educational need or disability (SEND) and employers have not yet had the opportunity to spot the talent within. 

If you, like many Surrey employers, are finding it increasingly hard to recruit and retain good talent, then perhaps you would like to know more about finding great talent, from young people who happen to have a disability.

Missing out on the benefits?

  • Find out about the significant positive contribution that employing young people with a Learning Disability brings to Surrey organisations, according to a recent survey.  To access the full results, click here
  • Surrey Choices share how they support employers looking to find Hidden Talent, with employers sharing their experiences through their youtube channel
  • Evenbreak, a social enterprise, share the benefits of employing individuals with a disability.  Click here to find out more

Learn about employers who are benefitting from Hidden Talent

  • Watch Robert’s employment journey at Silent pool distillery here
  • Watch Lewis’s employment journey at Channel 4 here
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