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Getting Started & More

Getting started in fundraising can be daunting.  We have drawn togther some useful resources tohelp get you started.

Getting started

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme! - A guide for organisations new to fundraising or just starting out.

FactSheet 10 questions to ask before applying.pdf  – Factsheet things to think about before you start

Beginners Guide to grant bids - GRANTfinder - A Beginner’s Guide to Successfully Securing Grant Funding

Preparation is key

Project Planning – Factsheet

Project Budgets – Factsheet

NCVO Miniguide - Funding and Finance

Demonstrate the need for your project

Evidencing Need Factsheet

How can charities measure Impact

Improving your application

How to write the perfect bid

Avoid the bin presentation - Abbey Charitable Trust

Why bids fail - Factsheet

Corporate Social Responsibility

Fundraising through Companies – FactSheet

Surrey's Top 50 Companies in the Corporate Social Responsibility Index (May 2011)The information for the Corporate Social Responsibility Index identifies the donations made to charities and community organisations by the largest companies in Surrey.

Sources of Funding

Local Surrey Sources of Funding

Specialist sources of Funds for Sports

Funding Guide for Workforce Development  - A handy guide to workforce development funding including a list of potential funders 

NCVYS List of Funders for Youth Work This list of potential funders consists of 27 grant making trusts that a proven interest in funding projects with young people

Surrey County Council Partnership officers

Other Sources of Income

Community Fundraising – presentation by Eikon Charity Jan 2014

Legacy Fundraising - Factsheet

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