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In September 2007 we reviewed what the forum had achieved so far, discussed a new name for the group, and key tasks.
Over the following year the group developed the name impact, Action by Young People. We also worked with a designer to create the logo you can see at the top of the page. The group wanted a logo to reflect that they wanted to make a difference to Elmbridge and their local communities.

Following the success of the Youth Conference in October 2007, organised by Elmbridge Borough Council and young people, it was requested more regular forums for us to have our say and make a difference. impact has now been established which is run by young people for young people. impact is open to any young person in the Borough between the age of 12 to 18 year old.

We would like to encourage all youth clubs, secondary schools and colleges in Elmbridge to take part in impact and give young people the opportunity to have their say in improving their Borough.

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