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Dinghy Instructor

WAG - Woking Adventure Group
30 January, 2015 to 28 February, 2015
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April - August
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Contact: Nigel Maycock: nigel_maycock@yahoo.co.uk

Wag requires a dinghy instructor

WAG, a local youth group which has been running for over 50 years is now looking for new bold to take the group to the next level whilst still maintaining the existing.  The courses run from April through to the August ( 2 per year ), with the first being for returners and the second being for beginners.  The courses run at Littleton sailing club on a Tuesday from 5.30 till it is dark.  There are a number of youths who are willing and able to assist in taking out other youths ensuring that they are competent are able to articulate back to the SI progress made.  The group has currently 2 wayfarers, 1 RS Vision, 3 RS feva, 6 Toppers.

We are looking for a  senior dinghy instructor, ideally, but could happily take on a dinghy instructor who would be willing to train up to a senior.  The role will involve the co-ordination of the session which will involve of sending emails out in advance to the helpers so that they know who is doing what and also the attendees so that they are aware of the instructor.  It is a role which someone can develop and grow and would suit someone who is willing to get involved nd is looking for growth.


Contact: Nigel Maycock nigel_maycock@yahoo.co.uk


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