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What We Do

The vision of Surrey Youth Focus is to significantly improve the lives of young people

As a charity Surrey Youth Focus’ aim is to “significantly improve the lives of young people in Surrey”. Over the past two decades we have worked tirelessly to understand the needs of young people in the county and to innovate, broker and collaborate on projects to address these needs, with some resounding successes.

Surrey Youth Focus is described as the ‘eyes and ears’ of the voluntary youth sector. We have an extensive ‘reach’ and work with, and support, over 70 youth organisations (our members) ranging from large charities to local youth clubs. We also regularly work with Surrey County Council and other Local Authorities, Surrey Police and the Police and Crime Commissioner, Public Health and the Clinical Commissioning Groups, Businesses, Schools and other agencies interested in helping young people.

Surrey’s voluntary youth sector is vibrant and diverse. As the largest representative youth organisation in the county, Surrey Youth Focus recognises and celebrates the positive contribution young people make to our communities.

Open the door to opportunities 

By becoming a member of Surrey Youth Focus, you will access an exceptional level of service and further opportunities including training courses, promotional opportunities, networking events, volunteer brokerage and much more! 

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What we do

Championing the Youth Sector

  • Represent the interests of members across the voluntary youth sector to statutory bodies across Surrey and beyond in the furtherance of their work with young people.
  • Ensure that the youth sector and individual youth organisations survive and thrive in the face of the increasingly tough funding climate, continuing to offer excellent services to young people.  
  • Promote good practice, efficiency and effectiveness of members' organisations for young people and to innovate, explore, develop and assist our members to deliver the best for their young people.

Inspiring Collaboration

  • Generate opportunities for young people as well as seek solutions to their problems by encouraging collaboration between a wide range of organisations including voluntary and charities, clubs, businesses, schools, local authorities.
  • Help strengthen youth voluntary and charitable organisations by providing access to knowledge and resources from business, schools, local authorities, etc.

Empowering Young People

  • Empower the voice of youth and to hear the voices of young people, ensuring that a wide range of young people’s voices are heard.
  • Collaborate across sectors to engage all relevant parties to help young people be heard and encouraged to take action.
  • Encourage and support young people to take action to improve the world around them, thus developing confidence and self-belief in the young person’s agency.


The Charity's objects ('Objects') are:
“to promote good practice and the efficiency and effectiveness of its member organisations for the benefit of young people primarily in Surrey, and the efficient application of resources for charitable purposes for the benefit of young people by associating such members in a common effort to educate young people, without distinction of sex, sexuality, disability, race or political or religious opinion, so as to develop their physical, mental and spiritual capacities that they may grow to full maturity as individuals and members of society and that their full qualify of life may be improved, by supporting and strengthening the work of its members, and by ensuring that  the young people’s voice, concerns and issues are represented wherever it is most appropriate”.


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