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What Young People Say

Voice of Youth

Over the next few months we will be discussing the following questions:

  • In what ways do young people get to influence what goes on in the world? What type of young person gets to influence?
  • What things would some groups of young people like to have an influence on but don’t? Why not?
  • What things do we believe young people should be getting to influence?
  • Who would like to hear young peoples’ voices but can’t get young people to talk to them? What type of young people do they want to hear from? How could they get closer to the young people to hear their quiet voices?
  • Which groups of young people are particularly unheard? What is needed to  enable them to be heard

We are working with Office of Police Crime Commissioner to give young people a voice on policing in Surrey.  For more information contact info@surreyyouthfocus.org.uk 


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