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Alcohol, Drugs and Gambling

Alcohol, Drugs and Gambling

Alcohol Education Trust (AET) - Talk About Alcohol

Many parents feel lost and confused when talking to their children about alcohol. How can you help them deal with peer pressure and stay safe? What UK laws exist relating to young people and alcohol


Drinkaware for Education resources - key stages 2 & 3

These free downloadable resources are designed for 9-11 and 11-14 year olds and are flexible and help explore and consider a number of alcohol related issues 


Young Gamblers Education Trust (YGAM) ‘In The Know’ resource

A set of teaching resources designed to help teachers minimise gambling-related harm 


Talk to Frank

Know what is what when it comes to drugs, a-z info guide and support


Catch 22

The catch 22 service supports young people in relation to their drug and/or alcohol use using a variety of interventions and working to a flexible and robust framework.



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