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‘The Big Chat’ is the first step to supporting young people to create a mental health and wellbeing revolution in Surrey, harnessing young people’s energy and enthusiasm to support their own wellbeing and that of others. Furthermore, The Big Chat encouraged the sharing and collection of intelligence across the system around young people’s well being to fed back to those that need to hear it.

The Big Chat is not intended as a standalone piece of work, it will work with and leverage off the many existing health and wellbeing interventions already being carried out with young people across Surrey that have a similar ethos. We very much hope and believe that this will support Early Help, Workforce Induction and other key interventions taking place across the county.

The ideas behind The Big Chat have been developed in conversations with Surrey County Council, Public Health Surrey, Surrey and Borders NHS, Guildford and Waverley CCG, schools, Leatherhead Youth Project, Matrix, Eikon, East to West, YMCA East Surrey, Lifetrain and more.  See the final report The Big Chat: a new direction to promote young people's wellbeing:

Big Chat FINAL.pdf

We are grateful to the support of Jeremy and Simon from http://www.oko.agency/ who provided opportunity for creative thinking, sharing of new ideas and best practice from around the county and beyond; Max Lu (Vice Chancellor of University of Surrey) for his address encouraging more collaborations to support young people and offering the Universities support; and to campaigner and activist Mena Fombo (www.menafombo.com) for her examples of young people making a difference.

To illustrate here is a poem written by Alicia aged 16 about her feelings towards coping, particularly in the education system:

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