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Engaging with Young People online

Engaging with children and young people safely using technology during COVID-19

Lockdown and the ensuing social distancing due to COVID-19 means that very rapidly we are needing to learn how to interact in different ways. Many of you are supporting children and young people through 1:1 and group work and therefore there is a need to adapt to using telephone, text, email and/or video conferencing.

With that in mind we have collated different examples of guidance from national and local sources that you can access in order to assist you in developing your own codes of conduct. These are living documents and we will update as appropriate. We have provided them in Microsoft Word format so that you can easily edit them to suit your own organisational needs.

Thank you to the following local organisations for their generosity in sharing their documentation:

· East to West

· Learning Space

· Surrey Young Carers

· University of Surrey

. Jigsaw South East

Guidelines for engaging safely online:

· British Psychological Society guidelines for working with children and young people online (really useful and practical guidance)

· East to West guidance for school workers engaging online Guidance for school workers engaging online.docx

· Uni of Surrey guidelines for using Zoom guidelines for using zoom_uni of surrey.docx

· Learning Space protocol for online work with children · NSPCC online safety.

. Think NPC toolkit for charities to navigate their reponse to the coronavirus 

· British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy summary of guidance Summary of guidance from BACP.docx

· Surrey Young Carers guidelines for video conferencing video conferencing guidelines_surrey young carers.docx

. Useful information on Zoom security issues and agreements for using Zoom Agreements for using Zoom for tutoring.docx

. Learning space protocol for online work with children, young people and groups LEARNING SPACE PROTOCOL FOR ONLINE WORK FINAL (004).docx

. Beating the virus for learning disabilities Beating+the+Virus+for learning disabilities.pdf


· East to West log of virtual contact log of virtual contact.docx

· East to West request for consent for parents Request for consent for parents.docx

model templates for risk assessments


- The National Youth Agency has updated its website today and have posted the “Amber” government guidance for youth groups (11-25 yr olds) and it states youth groups can now meet in bubbles of 15 indoors and outdoors. 


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