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How to Join

Hitting the Target


Interested in Joining? 

Surrey Youth Focus has three categories of membership: Gold membership, Free membership & Partner.

The Full membership (Gold) category provides various benefits in return for a subscription. Details of these can be found in Letter to members 2019-02.docx and we recommend that you read this before proceeding.

The Free membership category provides a subset of these benefits and is free. Details can be found in Letter to members 2019-02.docx

Surrey Youth Focus has its roots in the voluntary sector, and so full membership is confined to charities & social enterprises working with young people. To qualify for full membership your organisation must:

  • Operate in Surrey
  • Work as a voluntary youth organisation

Partner membership is by invitation only.

Please contact us if you would like more information.

Gold Membership

Charities and voluntary groups

Gold Membership



Charities and voluntary group

Entry Level Membership


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