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Head of Boroughs

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Exciting Vacancies at Eikon
As a result of the merger between Lifetrain and Eikon in October last year a number of exciting new projects have been developed and are now ready for delivery.
The Youth Services Team are looking for motivated and enthusiastic youth workers and managers to plan and implement a range of interventions that will meet the needs of young people and families across several Surrey Boroughs.
To deliver these complex projects experienced leaders are required to manage several Borough Teams to build close relationships with borough stakeholders including SCC Family Services, schools and community safety partnerships. At a local level we seek youth and community workers who will have the responsibility of liaising with local groups and have the skills and experience to engage with these groups to effectively deliver targeted and needs led work.
The Roles currently available are:

Head of Boroughs
The Head of Boroughs role holds responsibility for a number of boroughs – is responsible for Eikon’s local strategy, borough relationships, staff, and delivery of youth services, and sourcing and funding new work in the boroughs. The role will have devolved authority and budget to ensure effective decision making responding to emerging local needs; Working closely with other Heads of Boroughs and the Borough Teams to ensure efficient use of all resources.

Assistant Youth Worker – Bank Staff
Assist in delivering sessions building relationships with young people and families; Maintaining records and data; Working closely with the lead youth worker to deliver quality youth work.
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Full or Part Time: 
End Date - close of application: 
Monday, May 21, 2018
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