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Meeting at NCVYS & Presentation


Mike Abbott attended a meeting at the National Council of Voluntary Youth Services (NCVYS) in London on 11 February to present on the achievements of Surrey Youth Focus. The presentation can be viewed here

The meeting included a briefing from the Cabinet Office’s Youth Policy Team . This indicated that the Minister with responsibility for young people (Nick Hurd) is concentrating on four priorities in the run-up to the General Election in May 2015:

  1. Supporting innovative service  by local authorities by setting up: mutuals, co-operatives, social enterprises, and Local Authority Trading     Companies (Surrey CC is considering moving adult social care to an externalised LATC)
  2.  Mobilising young people as citizens and volunteers through the social action programme, including Ready to Serve (Surrey Youth Focus is beginning to work on this) and the National Citizenship Service programme
  3.  Involving and listening to young people..and encouraging all Whitehall departments to do so.
  4. Reviewing how local authorities are delivering youth services in a time of restraint, and assisting them in building up evidence of value and impact. There is however no intention of reviewing the Guidance on the statutory duties of local authorities in relation to youth services (the s 507B duty) 
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