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Family Voice Surrey
22 January, 2020 to 22 February, 2020
Contact Details: 
Please contact simon.m@familyvoicesurrey.org

Family Voice Surrey
We are a Parent Carer Forum (one of the National Network of Parent Carer Forums). We are an independent charity, working across Surrey, that enables the voice of Parents and Carers of children with SEND to be heard in the provision of Health, Education and Social Welfare services. Our membership is over 2000 parent carers of children with SEND, and through consulting them, we aim to influence, advise and co-produce services with the Local Authorities
We currently have a Board consisting of 3 Trustees. We wish to raise this to at least 5, and even up to 8 Trustees.

We are looking for Trustees with a number of possible experiences, backgrounds or skills:-
• Parent Carers of children with SEND - i.e. people that have direct personal experience of the issues we tackle,
• Or: Knowledge of the Education, Health or Social care sector, ideally specifically with services for children with SEND.

• Or: Experience of the charity sector or transferable professional skills - i.e. HR, Finance, Fundraising/marketing, Operational Management skills etc.

1.0 Role Summary
• Governance: Committed to ensuring highest standards of governance in policies and practice related to SEND children, young people and parent carers; and employee and volunteer relations, recruitment, retention, reward and recognition as well as staff, volunteer and trustee development.

• Risk: Assessing risks and measuring the impact of SEND interventions in the light of changing legal requirements and best practice.

• Operations: Developing and implementing FVS policies and practices in the context of furthering charitable objectives and evaluating how they impact beneficiaries and staff.

• Strategy: Ensuring long-term strategic oversight of the organisation’s structure, finance, personnel and staffing requirements in relation to the overarching goals of the charity.

2.0 Main Responsibilities of a Trustee
• To review and recommend current and future strategic resourcing, training and development and annual budgets and plans to the Trustee Board
• To actively contribute to policy setting, strategic direction, goal and target setting, and evaluate performance against targets, budgets, plans and charitable objectives
• To ensure that activities and interventions are linked to the FVS’s charitable objectives and complement the FVS culture
• To ensure the Trustee Board monitors and reviews the performance of the FVS’s Senior Staff, rewards performance accordingly and identifies appropriate development opportunities
• To monitor the financial position of the charity and its operations within its means and objects, making sure that there are clear lines of accountability for day-to-day financial management
• To monitor whether FVS complies with its governing document and standards and if the needs of the beneficiaries are being met
3.0 Qualities of a Trustee
• Willingness to actively participate in discussions concerning needs of FVS’s beneficiaries, staff, volunteers and the trustee board
• Willingness to act in the best interest of the charity while adhering to the Nolan principles of public life,
• Sound, independent judgement and ability to think creatively,
• Working effectively as a team member and demonstrating a willingness to learn and develop.


• Expert by experience of SEND parent carer life
• Knowledge and experience of SEND children and young people lives
• Strong intellectual and analytical ability; innovative thinker and ability to focus on issues requiring action
• Experience in education or health, especially for SENF children and young people
• Experience in the charitable or voluntary sector
• Experience of charity law and governance
4.0 Time Commitment
• The Board meets at least 4 times a year. Trustees have the option to engage in other activities that further FVS objectives.
• Attendance at award meetings or fundraising meetings is optional
5.0 Location
• Board meetings are held at the organisation’s premises: Connect House in Leatherhead

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