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Volunteer Minute Taker

28 May, 2019 to 30 June, 2019
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Please see: https://www.linkable.org.uk/

Volunteer Minute Taker: Trustee Board Meetings
Purpose of the Role: To provide accurate minutes of Trustee meetings.
Timings:  The Trustee board meets quarterly. Meetings are held in the evening and last approximately 2 hours, from 7 – 9 pm.
Venue:  Meetings take place at our office in Board School Road Woking
Key Contacts: The minute-taker will work with the CEO and the Chair of the Board 

About LinkAble
LinkAble is a charity based in Surrey which helps children and adults with learning disabilities in Woking and Surrey Heath.  We offer people activities and experiences that they struggle to access in the wider community, supporting them to learn new skills, form lasting friendships and lead fulfilling, independent lives. For many, LinkAble is their lifeline.

About the Role

The Trustee Board governs and leads the charity to ensure that it fulfils its aims and complies with charity and other law. The Trustee Board meets four times a year to discuss and agree key decisions and actions. The Board is looking for an experienced minute taker to:

• Attend all Board meetings and take an accurate record of the discussions and any actions
• Type up the minutes within the agreed time frame
• Send the completed minutes to the Chair of the Trustee Board
• Make amendments to the minutes as required

We are looking for a volunteer who:
• Has experience of minute taking
• Has strong written communication and grammar skills
• Is professional, confident and would feel comfortable in a board level environment
• Will respect the confidentiality of any information covered in trustee board meetings

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