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The world is a complex and ever changing place for young people today. Young people in Surrey have a far more difficult world to navigate, with far more options… both positive and negative. They face a number of issues, many of which are worse than for previous generations...  mental health problems, self-harm, housing and remuneration prospects, negative uses of social media. More than ever it is vital that young people have available to them a range of services and activities to help them to be well-adjusted, contributing members of society with access to a range of work and play opportunities.

Find out more about how Surrey Youth Focus is looking to drive positive change, do things differently and make a significant difference to Surrey’s Young People.  See the latest blog.

Featured Member

Amber is an active and accommodating residential centre helping disadvantaged 17-30 year olds providing 24 hour care and support every day of the year for young homeless people; many have a history of addiction or have been involved in crime or have been in prison.

Able to support up to  32 individuals, it gives young people a challenging and engaging step-by-step rebuilding process designed to help overcome each of the obstacles that have previously stood between them and independent living. Working in teams they experience...

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REPORT - Preventing Exploitation

We wanted to really understand why some young people are open to getting involved in knife crime and exploitation and to find alternative routes to helping vulnerable children meet their needs. 

Working with Surrey Police, Surrey County Council and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, Surrey Youth Focus brought together over 35 front line professionals in May 2019 to discuss this topic and share their ‘on the ground’ insights.

See the new report, pen portraits and recommendations.


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