Representation and advocacy for youth charities

Surrey Youth Focus represents children’s and youth charities working in Surrey across a number of boards and committees. We take our advocacy role very seriously, and regularly engage with charities so that our knowledge of the sector remains at a high level and we are able to offer expertise on a wide range of topics. While many of these meetings discuss confidential issues which we are unable to share, we keep charities informed in a targeted way on issues which are relevant to them.

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Representation and advocacy for youth charities

Surrey Youth Focus represents the third sector across a wide range of networks and meetings, many of which are outlined below.

If you would like to know more about any of these groups, or if you’d like to invite us to join a group, please get in touch.

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Children’s Strategic Group 

This quarterly group is responsible for the transformation of children’s health at scale across Surrey, providing system assurance regarding the integrated commissioning and delivery of health services for children, focusing on four priorities: SEND, the first 1000 days, care for the sick child and emotional wellbeing mental health.

County-wide strategic groups

  • Strategic Group for Children
  • Woman and Children’s Transformation Assurance Board
  • Family Resilience Network Meetings (Quadrant meetings)
  • Surrey Nature Partnership Board
  • Surrey Compact
  • C-SPA & Adults’ Strategic Partnership Board
  • Employment and Skills Board
  • First Thousand Days
  • 0-4 SEND Project Board
  • Exploited and Missing Oversight Group
  • Serious Youth Violence Strategic Group
  • Daily Discussion
  • Surrey Healthy Schools Steering Group
  • SODA (Surrey Office of Data Analytics) Steering Group
  • District and Borough Lead Officers for Children’s Quarterly Meeting
  • SEND System Partnership Board
  • All Age Autism Strategy Board
  • COVID response meetings

Safeguarding groups

  • Surrey Safeguarding Children Business Group
  • Learning from Practice Group
  • Surrey Safeguarding Children Partnership Engagement and Comms
  • Third Sector Safeguarding Network
  • School and Education Safeguarding Forum

Communications groups

  • Health and Wellbeing Board Comms Group
  • Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Comms Group
  • Surrey Family Help Hub

Meetings for charities

  • Surrey Charity Chief Executives Group
  • Surrey Charity Forum (all age)
  • Third Sector Operational Network
  • Third Sector SEND Network
  • Short Breaks Strategic Forum
  • ICON Meeting

Other groups

  • Uniform Group Forum
  • Voice of Children
  • Young People and Families

Employment and Skills Board

The aim of the Employment and Skills Board is to be the voice of Surrey employers. The Board works with the government to develop solutions to enable increased productivity and growth, as well as improving workforce skills to meet future demands.

The ESB represents the skill needs of Surrey employers to influence government policy and facilitaties better relationships between local employers and skills stakeholders, including education/training providers and relevant skills organisations.

COVID-19 support

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Surrey Youth Focus has attended a number of “Task and Finish” groups on behalf of the voluntary youth sector to ensure there is two-way flow of information regarding the impact of the virus on children, young people and their communities. In addition, we have also been sharing specific information relating to COVID-19 via a new e-newsletter in order to provide Surrey’s sector professionals with the latest updates.

Surrey Nature Partnership

The Surrey Nature Partnership is one of several Local Nature Partnerships from across the country that were formally recognised by DEFRA1 in August 2012, after having successfully applied to unify a group of locally interested organisations. Local Nature Partnerships have been set-up across the UK with the purpose of championing the value of the natural environment in decision-making at all levels.

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