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Our latest news

  1. Article on the work of Surrey Youth Focus in the Guide to Surrey at: http://www.theguide2surrey.com/Community/Charity-Spot/February-2013/Surrey-Youth-Focus/
  2. Article on the Surrey Youth Focus Chairman, David Hypher http://www.theguide2surrey.com/Community/Local-Hero/March-2013/Local-Hero-David-Hypher/
  3. Radio interview with David Hypher, Surrey Youth Focus Chariman: http://www.brooklandsradio.co.uk/podcasts/DavidHypherOBE2013-03-14.mp3 
  4. Article on Celebration of Youth next event on the Surrey Chambers of Commerce website - October 2013 http://www.surrey-chambers.co.uk/members_news.php?memID=2196
  5. Article on our Free Training workshops: http://www.theguide2surrey.com/Business/Business-News/March-2013/Surrey-Youth-Focus-offers-Free-Workshops-for-young.aspx/ 
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