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The world is a complex and ever changing place for young people today. Young people in Surrey have a far more difficult world to navigate, with far more options… both positive and negative. They face a number of issues, many of which are worse than for previous generations...  mental health problems, self-harm, housing and remuneration prospects, negative uses of social media. More than ever it is vital that young people have available to them a range of services and activities to help them to be well-adjusted, contributing members of society with access to a range of work and play opportunities. Find out more about how Surrey Youth Focus is looking to drive positive change, do things differently and make a significant difference to Surrey’s Young People. See latest blog


Featured Member

The Orpheus Centre is an independent specialist college in Surrey that increases the confidence and skills of young disabled adults through the performing arts.  We offer:

  • A holisitic learning programme 
  • A supported housing scheme
  • A domiciliary care and support service

The Orpheus Centre, North Park Lane, Godstone, Surrey RH9 8ND

Tel: 01883 744664



News & Events

Active Surrey, working in partnership with Surrey Youth Focus, are launching a series of free workshops for clubs about engaging young people in sport.

Based on the findings of research carried out by Surrey Youth Focus, the workshop will explore which young people are underrepresented in sport, what they are looking for, and the small changes clubs could introduce to make a difference to a young person near them, while at the same time reaching new participants.

If any clubs are interested in attending, please could they email: 

To book your place contact James Lovell at Active Surrey

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